Get Green with Style Blog

Who Am I?

Hi!  This is Hilary Sopata, co-author of this blog.  In the next few entries, you’ll learn about my background and why I am going green as well as how eco-friendly interior design affects our lives.

As a child, I always had a lot of family members around me and constantly learned new things from my aunts and uncles, most of whom who were older than me by less than a decade.  I have a younger sister who is very different from me, but who has become one of my strongest allies over the years.  Generally, I am conservative but this is mixed with a sense of adventure.  I moved to the Chicago area alone in 1996 while only knowing a couple of people in the area.  With dedication and hard work I purchased a townhome a year later and settled here.  My career project list has encompassed both commercial and residential design with projects ranging from one-hour consultations to multiple floors of high-rise buildings to projects spanning multiple states.  Today, I still live in the Chicago area with my husband, Chris, a biochemist, and through my work I promote good interior design and the eco-friendly lifestyle.


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