Get Green with Style Blog

Definition and Product of the Week 03.13.2010

by Hilary Sopata

Each Saturday, we’ll post a definition and a product of the week so that you can learn more about going green and what makes particular products green.  This week, we define GREENWASHING and the product of the week is O ECOTEXTILES.

Definition: Greenwashing (in our own words)

Greenwashing occurs when a product is promoted as being more green than it truly is.  Some examples are a chemical company disguising itself as a line of green cleaning products or a bamboo product company promoting sustainability yet that uses toxic glues or finishes.  In these types of instances, a product is green but only part of the way.  Understanding what makes a product green and how these things impact your life will help you make an informed decision.  Reading this blog will educate you on how to recognize the difference between greenwashing and true green.

Product of the Week: O Ecotextiles

O Ecotextiles is an understated line of luxurious transitional style fabrics.  What makes them green is their commitment to safety, sustainability, upper-echelon, and authenticity.  Fabric production often includes toxic chemicals either for dying or finishing.  These are bad for the production workers and the waste is bad for the environment, but when these fabrics come to you they have other problems too.  You might be simply taking a nap on your sofa and the finish on the fabric might be working its way into your pores or little particles of the chemical fabric finish wear off over time and you breathe them in.  Not so with O Ecotextiles.  They are, according to their website, “safe enough for an infant to chew on.”  Further, their textiles are made from sustainable materials like hemp, linen, bamboo, and organic cotton.  Their organic cotton is grown in regions where the rainfall levels are heavy to reduce watering.  This is important because cotton is such a thirsty crop.  Upper-echelon refers to the style and comfort of these beautiful textiles which are also authentic because the claims made about them are backed up with research. 

For more information about ordering this gorgeous material, please contact Interior Visions Designs, Inc., 847.825.0450, 

(Source: O Ecotextiles Website)


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