Get Green with Style Blog

Why Am I Going Green?

This is Hilary Sopata sharing my green story.

I am on by way to being a true green person.  This means not only with interior design, but also in other areas of my life.  I believe it is difficult for a person to simply jump on the green bandwagon full-force with no interest in the environment.  Because green is a popular movement right now, a lot of companies are trying it…and failing.  Going green is not a fad but a lifestyle shift.  It is an upward spiral of learning about how our day to day living affects the environment – and then changing.  Oh, the dreaded word for some – change! 

I have been interested in the environment for a long time.  While in my single digit ages, I filled a half-gallon jug with water and sunk it in the toilet tank to reduce water consumption.  I learned early on to turn off the water while brushing my teeth.  Mom always hounded my sister and I to turn off the lights when leaving a room asking us whether or not we owned stock in the electric company as a joke.  These activities remained a part of my life yet stagnant until a few years ago when I began changing my life again. 

Today, I choose organic, locally grown foods whenever possible.  I bring my own canvas bags to the grocery store, to the hardware store, to the library, and to the mall.  I use non-toxic, biodegradable, concentrated cleaners in my home, and I present environmentally friendly design options to my clients whether they are outright eco-conscious or not.  This did not happen overnight, and it did not happen because of one particular motivator.  We are in the information age, and so I read and read and read and then watched documentaries and then read some more and then attended a lot of seminars.  What I learned was fascinating, so I began applying the things that I learned.  This happened over time by applying one or two things at a time and then getting the hang of them and then by learning something new and applying that knowledge.  Most of the time, the changes I made have been unconsciously to “go green” and consciously because I care about my health, the environment, and the local economy.


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