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Why Interior Desgin?

This is Hilary Sopata sharing with you how interior design fits into my life.

I am an analytical person by nature.  Salutatorian of my high-school class and nearly acing my college chemistry course is not usually what you’d think of when thinking of an interior designer.  However, the idea of creating and being an artist paired with space planning and project management really appealed to me.  I have thrived on the “rules” of design and learned the profession not from a natural artistic talent necessarily but from applying art and design principles to the ever so complex built environment.  I can tell my clients not only that something will look good but also why it will look good while also being functional.

How does interior design affect us?

The built environments in which we live and work affect our lives in more ways than we know.  We are just beginning to understand how our environments affect us physically and emotionally.  Interior design has often been solely about aesthetics (the way things look) in the past, but now we know our choices for interiors affect our health, our moods, and productivity.  You may think, “C’mon, Hilary, really?”  Think of a time when you may have gone to a newer hospital.  Was it all stark white?  No.  Why?  Because it has been proven that good design improves well-being and reduces hospital stays.  People heal faster in a comforting, attractive environment.  If this is true when we are in the hospital, think of all of the ways we can use this knowledge to affect our everyday lives!


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