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Definition and Product of the Week 03.20.2010

 by Hilary Sopata

Each Saturday, we post a definition and a product of the week so that you can learn more about going green and what makes particular products green.  This week, we define CRADLE TO CRADLE and the product of the week is RINATO.

Definition: Cradle to Cradle (in our own words)

If a product is referred to as cradle to cradle, it means that it starts off as a raw or recycled material that does not harm nature, is made into a product, and then can either be 100% recycled or 100% composted or a combination of the two.  An item can be made from natural or recycled materials and manufactured in a way as to not harm people or the planet, but if it goes to a landfill after it’s usefulness, it is still only cradle to grave.  The product must be recycled or reused or composted to begin a new life and thus be called cradle to cradle – in other words to begin a life again as something new.

Product of the Week: Rinato

Rinato is a product that can be considered cradle to cradle.  This is a terrazzo countertop made in Wisconsin that is made out of recycled glass as well as cement including fly ash and slag which are bi-products of coal-burning power plants and iron manufacturing plants respectively.  Rinato countertops are manufactured in a facility using eco-friendly practices such as daylighting, energy-efficient lighting, air filtration systems, and recycled water called greywater.  When you’re finished with your countertop, it can be ground up for use in paving roads, so it does not go to the landfill.  To see pictures of these countertops, go to

(Source: Rinato website.)


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