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Why I Am An Interior Designer

This is Michelle Banks Watt, and when people find out I’m an interior designer, they inevitably reply in one of two ways:  “Oh!  I would hate for you to see my house…” or “Your job must be so much fun!”.  

Those who fall in the first category usually mean it.  I have been friends with people for years who have never invited me past their threshold.  Ever.  Others will eventually allow me in, but will spend the entire visit apologizing for this and that and telling me the endless list of projects they have planned. 

And to those who fall in the second category I have learned to smile and say “Yes, it is!”.   Design is an aesthetic, intellectual, and often scientific challenge.  It can be like doing a puzzle, especially in an older home when I’m moving walls or trying to rearrange the space to function better with all of its strange nooks and crannies that have developed over the years.  I adore going in to other people’s homes and learning about how they live and what they like so that I can create a space that reflects them…only better.


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