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Why I Enjoy Interior Design

I, Michelle Banks Watt, love the gorgeous spaces I can create with my clients when we collaborate.  Don’t get me wrong; anyone who has seen me schlepping around heavy bags full of fabric and wallpaper books, granite samples or artwork (and the hours spent at the gym every week in order to do so) knows it is not all glamour.   And they have no idea about the years of study it takes to learn about building codes, plumbing and construction techniques in order to do what I do.   But as a whole, I have always enjoyed my job. 

Over the years, I  have done volunteer work with Habitat For Humanity and designing homeless shelters and low-income day-cares.  Beyond that, it wasn’t until the green movement really started to take hold a few years ago that I felt I was really making a positive difference in people’s lives on a daily basis beyond the aesthetic thrill they would get when I was done.  This has made me love my job even more.   I can improve their health and the health of the planet for future generations.


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