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Definition and Product of the Week 03.27.2010

by Hilary Sopata and Michelle Banks Watt 

Each Saturday, we post a definition and a product of the week so that you can learn more about going green and what makes particular products green.  This week, we define CARBON FOOTPRINT and the product of the week is ROCKY MOUNTAIN HARDWARE. 

Definition: Carbon Footprint (in our own words) 

Think of a day of walking in the woods wearing hiking boots.  Perhaps the dirt is a little wet.  You leave lots of footprints.  A carbon footprint is what is left after we enjoy things like driving cars, heating and cooling our homes, flying around the world on vacation, etc.  Activities like this are often fueled by natural gas, coal power plants, and other types of burnable fuels which cause a byproduct of carbon dioxide just like when we breathe.  Now think of the things you buy – clothing, sundries, furniture, etc.  Those items often have to travel long distances burning fuel to end up in your home.  Just like a footprint in the wet dirt of a hiking trail, the impact of living a comfortable life does not go away immediately either.  Trees take carbon dioxide and through the process of photosynthesis turn it into oxygen.  The formula is simple: Reduce carbon emissions by using renewable energy like wind- and solar-powered electric energy + increase the number of trees and other green plants on Earth = lower carbon dioxide + breathe fresh air. 


This luscious line of hardware including cabinet handles and knobs, door handles, house numbers, etc. is certified by Scientific Certification Systems® (SCS®) to contain a minimum of 90% recycled content, with at least 50% post-consumer recycled content and the balance (40%) pre-consumer recycled content thus qualifying for up to 2 LEED® points.  LEED® is the US Green Building Council’s green building certification program, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  SCS® is the leading third-party provider of auditing and certification for green building products.  

Source: Rocky Mountain Hardware website


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