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Interview with Eco Remodeler Ira Singer – Part 2

Ira Singer interviewed by Hilary Sopata

You’ve been telling us about your work and some of the issues pertaining to eco remodeling.  What are some of your favorite products?

Icynene insulation is great.  It costs slightly more than batt insulation and its R value is much greater.  It is easy to install and is made from natural products.   Dual flush toilets are smart.  They use less water than their low flow conventional counterparts.  Cork floors look beautiful and are made from a sustainable product.  High efficiency windows help with sound control, are easy to operate, last for years and years and reduce your heating and cooling costs.  Glue down carpet squares create a unique design and are replaceable if one is damaged.  Recycled glass countertops are exotic and are made from repurposed materials.

I understand that green is not only a business model for you, but also a personal one.  Why did you decide to go green?

My son brought environmental awareness to our home as a 4th grader.  My wife and I listened to what he was learning and saw value in it.  We then set out on our own course of action within our specific careers.  Fortunately, there is a strong eco presence in the remodeling industry.  Green is relevant and easier than ever to incorporate into a project.  I also felt that being an eco-sensitive remodeler would separate us in the marketplace.  Ultimately, the eco-conscious lifestyle is congruent with my personal beliefs that less is more.  

Tell us about how being eco-conscious has changed both your business and personal lives. 

Being eco-conscious has impacted our company in many ways.  We have remade our corporate logo and business marketing materials.  The color green is the primary color.  We are not printing stationary or envelopes.  We use an electronic template when we need to print any materials with our logo.  We have instituted a recycling program at the office.  We invite green suppliers of products to come speak to our leadership.  Awareness is the greatest change.  I can’t turn off my eco brain so there are so many behaviors that are now part of my eco-conscious.  As a result of this awareness, my personal life is even greener.  We have changed our spending habits and try to spend money on things we need, not just want.  And when we do spend money, we look to buy things gently used, either through Craig’s List or Resale shops.  We use cleaning products and toiletries that are eco-friendly.  We walk instead of driving (when we can), and we use natural light whenever possible.  

Source: Interview with Ira Singer, Mosaic Construction, LLC, 847-504-0177,


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