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Interview with Susan Olson, LEED AP – Part 1

Sustainable Wood Floor Photo by Sue Olson

Susan Olson interviewed by Hilary Sopata

I’m so excited to share your eco-story with our readers, Susan!  First, how can they contact you?

Susan Olson
Cell Phone: 630-913-9589
Sustainable Flooring Systems

Tell us about your background and your work.

I love the field of Interior Design so much that I actually have dual careers in the field. After practicing as an Interior Designer and starting my family, I began teaching in the Interiors program over at Harper College [in Palatine, Illinois]. It’s been fifteen years and I’m still there today. I enjoy sharing inspiration, information and ideas for design. Three years ago I joined Sustainable Flooring Systems as a Territory Manager.  SFS has so many different material selections available which really is quite fun to work with. SFS is very committed and involved with the USGBC [US Green Building Council]. The manufacturers I represent and the USGBC have provided me with tremendous growth in the field of sustainability.

What is the importance of your sustainable flooring?

[I provide] a durable and long lasting floor choice while reducing maintenance, increasing end-user health benefits and reducing life-cycle costs as well as replacement expenses.

That’s so interesting how a better quality floor will last a long time and keep waste out of landfills and that floor finishes can be sources of VOCs or volatile organic compounds which are toxic to breathe.  I’m so glad you provide choices that are better quality and healthier than many choices out there on the market.

How has your work affected people’s lives?

I have generated awareness about making wise choices that impact an interior without leaving a negative impact on our environment.

Well, Susan, that is fantastic!  I look forward to continuing this interview with you on the next blog post.

 Source: Interview with Susan Olson, Sustainable Flooring Systems,


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