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Interview with Susan Olson, LEED AP – Part 2

Courtesy of Wicanders Cork Flooring

Susan Olson interviewed by Hilary Sopata

Welcome back, Susan!

Are you green in your personal life also? If so what led you to become green?

Absolutely – I attribute my upbringing to have made the greatest impact on how I live my life. I have an appreciation for nature and protecting it.

 You are certainly an eco-conscious individual!  Tell us about how being eco-conscious has changed both your business and personal life. 

Honestly I feel being “eco-conscious” means being responsible and having an awareness of consequences to ones choices and actions. On a personal level I look to how I live my everyday life to make decisions that have a positive impact on our environment.  There are so many daily habits that can offer improvement. Simply choosing to use reusable water bottles and containers for lunch or reusing gift boxes and tissue paper are easy ways to re-use and overall use less. In my business life, I trust my manufactures to produce materials in a responsible manner and operate their business efficiently. Collaboration and teamwork provide a solid foundation to make wise business decisions.

What is the greatest impact that going green has made on your life?

I hope I make better choices which = healthier living for myself and others.

That’s right, going green can definitely improve our health both directly through reducing VOCs and indirectly by reducing carbon emissions and by making ourselves aware of how the products we buy every day are manufactured affecting workers as well as the environment. 

Is there any other information that you think important or pertinent to your work or to a reader learning about green?

SFS has been in business for 10 years, they entered into the field of “green”/sustainability before it became fashionable. SFS offers products that make good use of natural materials, recycled content and utilize low VOC adhesives and sealants.

Those are all excellent things that our readers can ponder to make their lives better when choosing flooring.  You’ve taught me a lot about sustainable flooring, and I love the Wicanders Cork Flooring and look forward to featuring it as an upcoming product of the week!  Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us!

Source: Interview with Susan Olson, Sustainable Flooring Systems,


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