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Get Green with Style

by Hilary Sopata

It’s Earth Week!  In honor of Earth Week, in our last post we provided a definition of Earth Day and will be celebrating with you in our next post on Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary (which will be on Thursday, April 22nd).  We wanted to take a few moments to tell you about what we have personally been doing to support the environment in our own field: interior design.

Michelle Banks Watt and I are writing a book about eco friendly design.  It will be ready soon, but in the meantime, we have been speaking about “Designing Green in a Brown World” and “Living Green in a Brown World” at over dozens of venues whether at international conferences, regional events, or local companies and organizations.  Contact us to come and speak at your next event!  Leaders in the design community, we also have been sharing eco-alternatives to our sustainable home design and commercial interior design clients – including the ability to get your space LEED Certified.  Of course, we also share with you information and resources about sustainable home design three times a week in this blog. 

If you haven’t already, consider subscribing to our blog so that you can stay in the loop and learn about going green in your home!  Upcoming blog posts include interviews with premier green professional individuals involved in solar energy, heating and cooling, and kitchens as well as green book reviews.

In the meantime, you can check out our company websites to learn more about who we are and to see some pictures of our award-winning work:
Hilary Sopata at Interior Visions Designs, Inc.
Michelle Banks Watt at Michelle Banks Interiors

For more information about hiring us to speak at your next event or to consult on your home or office design, e-mail us: Hilary Sopata at

Thanks for following us!  We look forward to continuing to share a journey of sustainability with you.

Hilary and Michelle


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