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Interview with Solar Energy Expert Joe Gordon – Part 2

Solar Panels Courtesy of Solar Service, Inc.

Joe Gordon interviewed by Hilary Sopata

I am excited about this next installment, Joe.  I enjoy hearing about how going green changes peoples lives.  How has your work affected people’s lives?

So much of what I do on a daily basis at Solar Service revolves around education.  We get hundreds of calls each year from folks wanting to know what Solar is all about; from how it works, to the incentives available, to what returns it provides.  I don’t believe I could have been effective at my job if I didn’t have a great love for teaching, too.  Having said this, I think my work over the years has made many people aware of the benefits of this technology, dispelling the myths and simplifying the complexities, and has brought it “down to earth” for them, so to speak!   

 Are you green in your personal life also?  If so what led you to become green?

I am green in my personal life too.  My family and I purchased an 90 year-old home in Oak Park five years ago and rehabbed it to make it a very energy efficient dwelling.  We insulated it, put new windows in, of course installed a solar heat and hot water system, and upgraded the boiler, all of which helped cut our energy bills 60%.  We also drive a Prius (it’s a company car, courtesy of Solar Service and the brakes and accelerator pedal work just fine!), recycle every day, grow our own vegetables and use CFL’s wherever possible. 

My wife and I don’t believe we ever “became” green, it’s always been a part of who we are. My parents were children of the Depression and always kept close watch on energy use in the house.  I also have memories as a young boy hearing talks in grammar school about the energy crisis and reading about how the ozone layer could deteriorate over time and raise the Earth’s temperature.  I grew up learning that the Earth is a birthright for everyone and we must all do our share to take care of it for future generations.  The green concepts we hear about today are really just a reinforcement of how I was raised.    

I enjoy hearing your story!  It helps us all to take a moment to consider our own sustainable journeys.  I look forward to finishing up our interview next week.

Source: Interview with Joe Gordon of Solar Service, Cell: (312) 320-5205,


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