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Definition and Product of the Week 05.01.2010

by Hilary Sopata

Each Saturday, we post a definition and a product of the week so that you can learn more about going green and what makes particular products green. This week, we’ll define what is GREYWATER and the product of the week is EARTH WEAVE CARPETING.

Definition: GREYWATER (in our own words)

People often ask us, “What is Greywater?”  Greywater is defined as water that comes from your shower, washing machine, or bathroom sink.  It is also sometimes spelled GRAYwater.  What are the uses for greywater?  Well, it can be used to flush your toilet for one thing!  It can also be used for watering your lawn although you do have to be cautious about what you put down the drains of your greywater collection sources like the tub drain or bathroom sink drain so that it will not be harmful to your lawn.  Using greywater requires some plumbing conversion to re-pipe the water to go where it can be reused instead of simply going down the drain.  For this reason, check with your local plumbing codes to see if this is allowed in your area.  Greywater is not “potable” or drinkable because of the soap, dirt, and other residue.  Any water from your toilet or kitchen sink including anywhere that you dispose of human waste or food waste is considered “blackwater” and cannot be reused without significant treatment usually by a public wastewater treatment plant.  Greywater use can significantly reduce your overall water consumption decreasing stress on water treatment plants and reducing the long-term environmental impact of clean water sources.

Product of the Week: EARTH WEAVE CARPETING

Imagine your child or pet rolling around on the floor having a good time.  The carpet fibers become airborne and they inhale them.  What is in those carpet fibers?  The chemicals used in manufacturing and dying carpeting can be carcinogenic or mutagenic.  If you select an all-natural carpeting like Earth Weave, then you don’t have to worry about it.  According to their website, Earth Weave states, “Our products are made using undyed, untreated wool on the face, along with hemp, cotton, jute and natural rubber for the backing materials.”  There is a lot we don’t know about how chemicals affect our lives like whether or not they contribute to allergies, asthma, or worse health problems.  Selecting a carpet like this is one way to eliminate a possible contributor.

For more information about ordering this product or any of the products mentioned on our blog, contact Interior Visions Designs at 847.825.0450.



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