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Definition and Product of the Week 05.08.2010

by Hilary Sopata

Each Saturday, we post a definition and a product of the week so that you can learn more about going green and what makes particular products green. This week, we’ll define what is BROWNFIELD and the product of the week is ENERTIA CARPET PADDING.

Definition: BROWNFIELD (in our own words)

A brownfield is land that has become contaminated with low levels of toxic or hazardous waste.  Examples could include an old rail yard, an abandoned gas station which may have underground storage tanks, and a run down factory site.  Sometimes the existing owners remodel and clean up the area perhaps by removing the top layer of soil and remediating the rest of the soil.  Some owners abandon or sell these properties in favor of building bigger, better, newer facilities on bulldozed greenfields – in my opinion a bad idea – but we’ll define and talk more about greenfields in an upcoming post.


When you go through the process of selecting a natural carpet like Earth Weave, you also need to use a natural padding.  If you use a synthetic padding, you’ll still have VOCs and toxins working their way through the carpeting, and this can be harmful to your health.  I’m not only talking about people with chemical sensitivities either!  Earth Weave makes a natural wool padding and says on their website: “This wool based carpet padding is a blend of coarse naturally pigmented wool [that’s] mechanically needled (not glued) into a cotton scrim.  The padding is free from dyes, fire retardant, glues, moth proofing or adhesives. Color will vary from charcoal brown to tan, depending upon fiber availability.”  My favorite part is that when you’re finished with it, it does not go to the landfill but instead you (or your friends or neighbors or local garden club) can use it in your garden as mulch or a weed barrier.

For more information about ordering this product or any of the products mentioned on our blog, contact Interior Visions Designs at 847.825.0450.



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