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Interview with Brenda Thompson of O Ecotextiles Part 2

Brenda Thompson interviewed by Hilary Sopata, LEED AP

Welcome back, Brenda!  Can you tell us more about your eco friendly textiles?

O Ecotextiles does not compromise on the quality of the fabric or the environment. They have tremendous respect from the design community and continue to research the latest technology in producing eco-friendly fabrics.

Leigh Anne and Patty [the founders of the company] started out at a time when no one else was willing to take the risk and spend the extra manufacturing cost to produce eco-friendly fabrics. Now, everybody is trying to “get in the game.” Unfortunately, there are many companies that claim their product is “green” but if you look how it’s made and where it comes from, it’s very misleading. [This is called, “greenwashing.”] Fortunately, more companies are beginning to commit to “green” practices and the sisters welcome it. As the saying goes, “a rising tides lifts all boats.”

To reiterate, just because a fabrics fiber was grown organically doesn’t make the fabric eco-friendly. That’s why it’s really important for people to do their homework (it’s easy) and see who is making the fabric and how. Anybody can produce beautiful fabric, but not everyone is willing to produce both beautiful and truly “green” fabric. The more we support the companies that produce ONLY eco-friendly materials the more other companies will change their toxic ways.

That is an excellent way of thinking, and I agree.  There are a lot of companies using materials like recycled pop (soda) bottles for textiles but according to William McDonough and Michael Braungart in their book Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, since the bottles weren’t originally designed for this use in mind, there may be harmful chemical additives and stabilizers in the material – some of which are suspected or known to cause cancer – in these textiles.  I’m excited about your line of textiles and look forward to learn about your personal eco story in our next post.

Source: Interview with Brenda Thompson of O Ecotextiles, Inc. Mobile: 616-334-3625, Email:


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