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Interview with Brenda Thompson of O Ecotextiles Part 3

Brenda Thompson interviewed by Hilary Sopata, LEED AP

Welcome back, Brenda!  Today we’ll learn more about your personal eco journey.  Tell us about how being eco-conscious has changed both your business and personal lives.  

I have had many rewarding jobs in the past, but none where I felt I could have an impact on people’s quality of life. If I can help support this industry by educating and helping people to make better choices about what they put in their homes then I believe I can help make a difference in protecting people’s health.

Being eco-conscious has also changed the food I eat. I’m a big supporter of organic food. Yes, it’s more expensive, but isn’t our health worth it? I also question my purchases a lot more than I use to and I try to consolidate my shopping so I drive less. I have been recycling for a long time, but I think much more about the packaging of the things I buy. Often, I will refuse a bag for my purchases or stick it in my purse. Everyone should be using reusable bags instead of plastic bags – just keep them in your car. I also have completely given up buying plastic water bottles. Water taste so much better in canteens, it’s easier, it’s less expensive and it’s better for your family.

We have in common that becoming more eco conscious and then changing our lifestyles has been a natural evolution.  I think people freak out a little when they think of their eco lives as living in a tent in the forest with no electricity or running water.  In truth, the more we learn, the more we naturally want to change various parts of our lives to become more in line with our values. 

Source: Interview with Brenda Thompson of O Ecotextiles, Inc. Mobile: 616-334-3625, Email:


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