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Green Book Review – Good Green Homes

by Hilary Sopata

Good Green Homes
Written by Jennifer Roberts

Good Green Homes is well-presented for a homeowner to understand.  It is easy to read, and the photography layout and graphics of the book are consistent throughout offering a smooth flow to the book.  Pithy quotes from the book include, “We can’t keep throwing things away – because there is no “away.””  This is an example of the thought-provoking messages sweetly presented by Roberts to help you slowly understand the hard facts about our lives and then call you to action. 

Roberts provides excellent explanations about green terms and ideas for a green novice and yet she also dives in to some of the tough questions we eco experts ask ourselves constantly about which option is more green and how we are to choose our own direction rather than allowing large companies to choose for us.  Roberts says, “Since the start of the Industrial Revolution we’ve adopted a brute-force approach to the earth’s bounty: take as much as we can, as fast as we can, as cheaply as we can.”  Roberts goes on to promote a ground-up active approach to changing how we think about our purchases.  You go, Girl!

Overall, Good Green Homes is perfect for someone wanting to do more than stick a toe in the water and try it out.  This book is for someone who might be fairly new to the green scene yet who wants to learn and be presented with information inspiring a paradigm shift.  For this person, I say: read it, enjoy it, and be open to it.  You will be inspired to action, and I hope you take the information you learn to the next level on your sustainable journey.

Roberts, Jennifer (2003). Good Green Homes (1st ed.). Gibbs Smith. ISBN 1-5865-179-9


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