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Definition and Product of the Week 06.19.2010

Mixer Valve Lamps


by Hilary Sopata  

Each Saturday, we post a definition and a product of the week so that you can learn more about going green and what makes particular products green. This week, we’ll define PERMACULTURE and the product of the week is ISLAND GIRL SALVAGE.  

Definition: PERMACULTURE (in our own words)  

Permaculture can be used to describe a house, a neighborhood, a farm field, or an entire community.  It means that there is sort of a closed-loop system where waste is turned into productive elements to be reused over and over again.  It can be compared to the cradle-to-cradle concept that we defined earlier this year.  I think the main difference is that cradle to cradle refers to products while permaculture applies to living as closely as possible to the ideal that the culture you live today can be permanent.  

Product of the Week: ISLAND GIRL SALVAGE 

What happens when you salvage products from old buildings and you turn them into modern, viable products?  That’s what Tabitha Long, Owner of Island Girl Salvage, does for a living.  To some people I know it would be their dream job, but it is hard work and takes sharp eyes, a creative mind, and the technical aptitude to create these products.  Take a look at the picture above of sconces made from old mixer valves.  Mixer valves are basically faucet parts that allow you to adjust hot and cold water independently yet the water mixes together before coming out of the spout.  In a modern home, these valves don’t meet our current needs, so Tabitha salvages them, repurposes them, and thus keeps them out of landfills.  We’ll be posting a full interview with Tabitha soon! 

For more information about ordering this product or any of the products mentioned on our blog, contact Interior Visions Designs at 847.825.0450.  

Source: Tabitha Long – Owner Island Girl Salvage         E-mail:


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