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Interview with Tabitha Long – Part 1

Mixer Valve Sconce on Dark Wall


Tabitha Long Interviewed by Hilary Sopata 

Thanks for joining us on our eco journey, Tabitha!  Let’s start by providing your contact information so our readers know how to contact you. 

Tabitha Long – Owner Island Girl Salvage  

What an exciting job you have!  You salvage items and repurpose them into household goods like creating the sconce light shown above using an antique mixer valve.  Tell us about your work. 

I have a strong desire to reuse and reinvent coupled with an almost snobbish requirement for all things unique. I like polished, clean lines, and the ability to tell a story. I’d describe my work as utilitarian with a twist. 

I was given a Mixer Valve Plate by a friend and fellow salvage collector several years ago and was immediately smitten with its simplicity and it’s importance at the time of its use. These were truly the mechanism for creating warm water in the home. The basic concept is still used today although we have a far different look to the mixer valve. The porcelain beauties date back to the 1860’s. Manufacturers included American Standard, Crane, and Huber.    

How has your work affected people’s lives? 

Hmmm. I think it makes people reconsider their own consumer consumption. I also think it makes people smile because I do try to keep it interesting. Joan Cusack purchased a pair of my Mixer Valve Sconces for her powder room. I wasn’t present at the time but I understand she thought they were so clever and made a statement.  

Tell us more about these mixer valve sconces. 

Available as a single or matching pair, Made from antique porcelain mixer valve plates. First manufactured here in the U.S. in the 1860’s. The porcelain was thought to be more sanitary. These were all the rage in hospitals and upscale homes across the country for mixing water temperature to your own liking. An antique hot and cold faucet make up the neck of the sconce. 

Meets UL standards. All electrical and socket parts are current and up to code. Approximate measurements run 8 1/2″ tall by 6″ wide and extend from the wall by 5 1/4″. They are $245 each. The custom shades are included.    

 I look forward to continuing our interview in the next post where we’ll learn more about how you are eco conscious in your personal life, too. 

Source: Interview with Tabitha Long – Owner Island Girl Salvage         E-mail:


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