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Interview with Tabitha Long – Part 2

Mixer Valve Sconce by Island Girl Salvage

Mixer Valve Sconce on Light Background

Tabitha Long Interviewed by Hilary Sopata

Welcome back, Tabitha!  Our readers always want to know whether vendors get green for the popularity of it or whether they are truly eco conscious people.  Are you green in your personal life also? 

Absolutely. My parents were avid restorationists. Every home we lived in was restored to perfection. I spent a lot of time being dragged along in search of the “original.” My husband is fanatical about recycling and living a minimalist lifestyle, and I’m considered the family curator of items built or designed by my relatives. My great-grandfather was a master lamp designer for Frederick Cooper in Chicago during the 30’s and 40’s. I’ve been lucky to have been given several of his original designs which I have maintained to this day. I believe the basis of my “greening” comes from my appreciation of those “things” that have survived time.         

Tell us about how being eco-conscious has changed both your business and personal life.

I wouldn’t say it’s changed. I’ve always been attracted to the one-of-a-kind type items that tend to be more sustainable in nature anyway but having been in the architectural salvage business and then designing eco-friendly items has heightened my awareness and made my pursuit more urgent. It now takes on a slightly more educational aspect when I talk about my designs.      

Certainly, we are all at different stages of our eco journey.  You were fortunate to be living it early on.  What is the greatest impact that going green has made on your life?

It just makes me feel good, like I’m doing my part for the environment. No one may notice it that way but I recognize my daily part and know my footprint is gentle.  

Is there any other information that you think important or pertinent to your work or to a reader learning about becoming more green?

Where to begin? I guess I’d want suggest to readers that anyone can be green. It’s not a club or a lifestyle with strict parameters. It’s always been around and you decide to what degree you are comfortable with being green whether in your purchasing choices or your carbon footprint. Right now there are a tremendous number of options for being eco-friendly. Explore and figure out what suits your lifestyle.

Well-put!  I have enjoyed working with you when we salvaged my clients doors, hardware, and trim.  I understand that you rented them to a film studio and they were used in the movie “Nothing Like the Holidays.”  I recognized them the best in the scene where the dad comes into the son’s room to sleep.  I won’t give any more away except to say that for our part, it was salvage work in action!  Thank you, Tabitha!

Source: Interview with Tabitha Long – Owner Island Girl Salvage         E-mail:


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    Great article Tabitha!! I love your work.


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