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Green Book Review – Green Remodeling

by Hilary Sopata, LEED AP

Green Remodeling – Changing the World One Room at a Time
Written by David Johnston and Kim Master, LEED AP

Green Remodeling – Changing the World One Room at a Time is an excellent book for a lay person engaging in a remodeling project.  Johnston and Master include information about the remodeling process including an emotional timeline comparing remodeling to the highs and lows of love.  Knowing the interior designer’s perspective of this timeline, I chuckled to myself because the reality is that everyone should understand the emotional pitfalls of remodeling to better be able to recognize them and thus calmly work through difficulties.  I tell my clients that while my staff and I do our best to avoid problems, I can’t control every contractor and everything that happens, but what I can do is be your advocate in dealing with each situation in a calm and timely fashion.

Many great parts of this book include a table listing ways to tell a good remodeler apart from a bad one, checklists for different rooms or components of your home, and overall greater detail than most other green books about reasoning for choosing materials for both inside and outside use.  Green Remodeling is definitely architecturally based and does get into technical details about thermodynamics, how air escapes, and has many little blips of information filled with details on things like fuel cost comparisons, roofing reflectivity, and how to know your plastics for an analytical person.

This book is one of my favorites for green remodeling.  In my notes, I wrote “Excellent Book”  It is filled with great analytical information yet it is easy to read and understand for someone who just wants some basic ideas and direction.

Johnston, David and Master, Kim . (2004). Green Remodeling – Changing the World One Room at a Time (3rd Printing). New Society Publishers. ISBN-13: 978-0-86571-498-4  ISBN: 10: 0-86571-498-3


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