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Green Book Review – Prescriptions for a Healthy House

by Hilary Sopata, LEED AP

Prescriptions for a Healthy House
Written by Paula Baker-Laporte, Erica Elliott, and John Banta

Prescriptions for a Healthy House is focused on the health side of green design.  According to the authors’ dedication, “This book is dedicated to the millions of people who are chronically ill from indoor environmental exposures.”  The main focus of the book is how your home building products and methods can affect your health from allergies to radiation to pesticide exposure to formaldehyde exposure to multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS.)  For instance, using lumber treated with pesticides can expose you to those chemicals and metals may have an oily residue that if not washed off can heat up and cause toxins to infiltrate into your home.

Many eco design books point out that homes need to be built for the environmental conditions of their locations.  A home in New England should be different from a home in the Midwest which should be different from a home in the Southwest.  This book goes beyond this surface fact to talk about how moisture, mold, radon, radiation, and other contaminants affect your health if your home is not built properly for the environment.

This book is a great crossover between green design books and organic living books.  The authors have done a great job and have continued to update their ever-changing information in this third edition of the book.

Baker-Laporte, Paula; Elliott, Erica; and Banta, John. (2008). Prescriptions for a Healthy House (3rd ed.). New Society Publishers. ISBN 978-0-86571-604-9


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