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Green Book Review – Eco-Architecture

by Hilary Sopata, LEED AP

Opposing Viewpoints Series
Edited by Christina Fisanick

Eco-Architecture is different from the other books out there on the subject because it offers opposing viewpoints.  What is good about eco architecture?  What is not as good as it seems?  Instead of offering one, upbeat solution for going green and doing it well, this book offers pros and cons so that you hear both sides of the conversation.

Is eco architecture a cure for sick building syndrome or is job stress making people ill?  Can large houses be eco friendly?  Is building green getting any easier?  You can read about both perspectives of these issues and more in this book.

Eco-Architecture is a compilation from many sources.  Its perspectives have been collected and edited to become this book.  It is not written by one to three authors like most other green design books.  Because of this it is difficult, perhaps purposefully, to determine the editor’s personal belief.  This may prove valuable to some, but for me it makes me skeptical that I am being sold a perspective by selection.  Since I am not familiar in general with this series of books compared to their sources, I cannot make that judgment either way. 

The back of the book contains discussion questions for you to consider or discuss as a part of a reading group.  There is also included a bibliography of the other referenced materials which looks like a great reading list to further study this topic.  Several of these books have been reviewed in this blog.

Fisanick, Christina. (2008). Eco-Architecture.  Greenhaven Press. ISBN 978-0-7377-3996-1


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