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Interview with Tina Yagla – Part 2

Tina Yagla, P.E., LEED AP interviewed by Hilary Sopata, ASID, LEED AP

Welcome back, Tina!  We’ve talked about your background, your specialty of being an engineer, and your company.  What is the importance of your area of specialty?

Proper design of HVAC systems in the occupied area is of critical importance to ensure indoor air quality and provide the code required minimum outdoor air levels.  A careful balance of bringing fresh outdoor air and the energy consumption of heating or cooling (and dehumidifying) the fresh air is always on the forefront of our design decisions.

That is true.  If a space is too humid, mold can grow, and if there is not enough fresh air circulation, toxins fill the air from everyday things like traditional household cleaners, furnishings offgassing, and particles of fibers floating in the air – not to mention dust!  According to the US EPA, the air indoors can be up to 90% more polluted than the air outdoors.  The fresh air exchange is very important.

Tell us about how being eco-conscious has changed both your business and personal life.

In our private life, my husband and I have been big believers in recycling for years.  Recently we engaged in a neighborhood ‘compost’ pile and continue to be amazed at the amount of food- and yard- waste that we divert out of the landfills by composting.

In the business, we try to reduce the amount of pages we print.  In our business “paper” is our end product.  We have eliminated the “check-sets” by utilizing various technologies to design and review documents via the computer vs. the printed document.  Because we provide Permit and Construction Documents for the construction industry, we still need to print several sets of our designs, but we print only those required and use pdfs for bidding and review process.

Thank you for sharing your story and these excellent ideas.  I really like the idea of a neighborhood compost pile! 

For more information or if you need assistance planning your HVAC system, please contact Tina directly using the contact information below.

Interview with Tina Yagla, P.E., LEED AP, President of Yagla Engineering Services, Inc.
630.777.9880  phone
US Environmental Protection Agency’s Website:


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