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Green Book Review – Green Home Improvement

by Hilary Sopata, LEED AP

Green Home Improvement:
65 Projects that Will Cut Utility Bills, Protect Your Health, Help the Environment
by Daniel D. Chiras, PhD

Green Home Improvement is unique in several ways.  First, the layout of the book is more along the lines of a do-it-yourself project book and outlines 65 different projects – one to a chapter.  This is great if you are looking to make a specific change to your home.  Second, the author provides average cost estimates.  This is great for a homeowner as a guideline for choosing the best way to spend their money and what the benefits are for each project.  The latter can be dangerous as costs fluctuate greatly around the country (this book is really specifically geared towards homeowners in the USA), but nonetheless for a homeowner it provides information that might otherwise take hours to just to track down approximate figures.

Each project featured in Green Home Improvement has a project rating which shows a rating on a scale of one to three leaves the savings, environmental benefit, health/comfort, and level of difficulty as appropriate for the upgrade.  What will a project cost?  How much money will you save?  These are the questions best answered by this book as opposed to other green remodeling books.

The book contains very little information about building a new home.  It is really meant for someone with a traditionally-built existing home who wants to make a few changes.  It is interesting and different from other books.  I recommend it for its cost estimates for each project.

Chiras, Daniel D. PhD. (2008). Green Home Improvement.  Reed Construction Data, Inc. ISBN 978-0-87629-093-4


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