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Definition and Product of the Week 09.18.2010

by Hilary Sopata

Each Saturday, we post a definition and a product of the week so that you can learn more about going green and what makes particular products green. This week, we’ll define GREENHOUSE GAS and the product of the week is MILK PAINT.  

Definition: GREENHOUSE GAS (in our own words)  

Think about a greenhouse.  The concept is that the sun shines through the glass and the heat builds up inside.  In this way, plants can grow when it is still cooler outside because of the heat built-up inside.  In the same way, a greenhouse gas is like that glass but only in our atmosphere.  As greenhouse gasses collect in our atmosphere, they block the heat from escaping into space.  This warms the Earth, and we call it Global Warming.  Some believe that this build-up is due to human activities that emit greenhouse gasses into the air like carbon dioxide that is emitted from vehicle exhausts.

Product of the Week: MILK PAINT

Milk Paint is a brand of paint that is made with milk protein, lime, and natural pigments.  When it is dry, it is non-toxic and safe enough to paint children’s toys, according to the website.  “Milk Paint is now gaining an even wider usage because it contains only ingredients that are all-natural and will not harm the environment. Our authentic real milk paint is truely a “green paint.””  Because it is such a natural product, it is only available in 20 colors, although you can mix and match them to create your own colors.

For more information about ordering this product or any of the products mentioned on our blog, contact Interior Visions Designs at 847.825.0450.  

Source: Milk Paint Website


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