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Green Book Review – Green Building Materials

by Hilary Sopata, LEED AP

Green Building Materials
A Guide to Product Selection and Specification
by Ross Spiegel and Dru Meadows

Green Building Materials is a technical book packed with information about how the materials we choose affect the environment and how to select and specify green materials.  It is written for a building professional to use as a reference guide for selecting, specifying, substituting, and presenting green materials.

As a green building professional, I know how hard it is to choose “new” products on the market.  What are all of the options?  Where do I go to learn the pros and cons of using these materials?  Who do I turn to for more information?  As the market for green materials grows, the selection process becomes more difficult as more and more vendors jump on the (now flooded and muddied) green bandwagon.

Parts of this book would be interesting for a lay reader, however, it is really written with a technical bend towards teaching the professionals in the industry about specifying green materials.  Spiegel and Meadows have done a thorough job of presenting this information which includes forms and resources.

Spiegel, Ross and Meadows, Dru. (2006). Green Building Materials: A Guide to Product Selection and Specification (2nd ed.)  John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN 13: 978-0471-70089-0  ISBN 10: 0-471-70089-4


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