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Get Green with Style

In this post, celebrating Earth Week, learn about how to contact us to speak at your conference or event or how to hire us for your upcoming sustainable home design or commercial design project!


Why I Enjoy Interior Design

It wasn’t until the green movement really started to take hold a few years ago that I felt I was really making a positive difference in people’s lives on a daily basis beyond the aesthetic thrill they would get when I was done. This has made me love my job even more.

Why I Am An Interior Designer

When people find out I’m an interior designer, they inevitably reply in one of two ways: “Oh! I would hate for you to see my house…” or “Your job must be so much fun!”.

Why Interior Desgin?

Interior design has often been solely about aesthetics (the way things look) in the past, but now we know our choices for interiors affect our health, our moods, and productivity.

Why Am I Going Green?

Today, I choose organic, locally grown foods whenever possible. I bring my own canvas bags to the grocery store, to the hardware store, to the library, and to the mall. I use non-toxic, biodegradable, concentrated cleaners in my home, and I present environmentally friendly design options to my clients whether they are outright eco-conscious or not.

Who Am I?

Generally, I am conservative but this is mixed with a sense of adventure.

Why I Am An Eco-Friendly Interior Designer Part 3

New eco-friendly options are popping up every day, and green materials are improving by leaps and bounds.

Why I Am An Eco-Friendly Interior Designer Part 2

My designs tend to be somewhere between something Ed Begley would be proud of and “unique luxury.”

Why I Am An Eco-Friendly Interior Designer Part 1

This is Michelle Banks Watt, one of two authors of this blog. The next few posts will be about my backround and why I am an eco-friendly interior designer.

Who We Are

Welcome to our blog!  We are Hilary Sopata, ASID, LEED AP and Michelle Banks Watt, ASID, LEED AP.  In the coming entries we’ll share with you our journey to sustainability.  Please visit often or better yet sign up for our blog notifications.