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Green Book Review – Green Building Materials

Parts of this book would be interesting for a lay reader, however, it is really written with a technical bend towards teaching the professionals in the industry about specifying green materials


Green Book Review – Energy Independence

Fuel. We use it every day. Learn about the impact your fuel choices have on the future and on the earth right now and the people inhabiting this lovely planet.

Green Book Review – The Concrete House

Don’t worry, your concrete home does not have to look like it jumped off the page of a sci-fi book! You can still clad your home with siding, shingles, adobe, etc.

Green Book Review – Unbuilding

I really enjoyed this book. It makes me want to go out there and find my own building to demolish…I mean unbuild! We have to learn to terminology and new ways of doing things in order to grow more green.

Green Book Review – Toward a Zero Energy Home

I enjoy a green book where I can learn new things. While not trying to be everything to everybody, Toward a Zero Energy Home is more than first glance would imply.

Green Book Review – Green Home Improvement

What will a project cost? How much money will you save? These are the questions best answered by this book as opposed to other green remodeling books.

Green Book Review – Earth Sheltered Residential Design Manual

Earth sheltered homes offer additional protection from natural disasters like tornadoes and other storms when compared to traditional home building techniques. They also provide protection from external noises, are easy to maintain, and greatly reduce the need for heating and cooling.

Green Book Review – Eco-Architecture

Is eco architecture a cure for sick building syndrome or is job stress making people ill? Can large houses be eco friendly? Is building green getting any easier? You can read about BOTH perspectives of these issues and more in this book.

Green Book Review – The New Solar Electric Home

This book is a bit of overkill for the person who is hiring someone else to do the work. However, if you are a do-it-yourselfer who enjoys complex challenges or if you are a contractor wanting to get in the photovoltaic business, than this book is exactly what you need.

Green Book Review – Green from the Ground Up

Overall, I think that Johnston and Gibson presented their information well, that this book is easy to read and understand, and that you will find the pictures and diagrams very helpful in conveying the information.