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Interview with Jill Salisbury – Part 2

“As much as I love designing furniture, I did not want to simply create more “stuff” to put on our planet. I wanted to develop product that had a soul and was a celebration of what we as designers can accomplish when we apply the wisdom of nature to our practice and work harmoniously with the eco system.” – Jill Salisbury


Greener Cooling Tips

I don’t doubt that most people run their air conditioning from the time it gets a little bit warm in the spring until the cooling breezes of Autumn arrive. Here at my house, we save energy (and money) by taking a different approach with our cooling.

Interview with Susan Olson, LEED AP – Part 2

We’re finishing our interview with Susan Olson, LEED AP, who is a sustainable flooring expert. She shares with us her personal and professional thoughts on going green.

Interview with Eco Remodeler Ira Singer – Part 3

Learn about eco-remodeler, Ira Singer’s expereinces in going green including remodeling his own home.

Interview with Eco Remodeler Ira Singer – Part 2

In this post, we continue the interview of Ira Singer of Mosaic Construction and learn about his favorite products as well as how being eco-conscious affects both his business and personal life.

Why Am I Going Green?

Today, I choose organic, locally grown foods whenever possible. I bring my own canvas bags to the grocery store, to the hardware store, to the library, and to the mall. I use non-toxic, biodegradable, concentrated cleaners in my home, and I present environmentally friendly design options to my clients whether they are outright eco-conscious or not.