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Green Book Review – Good Green Homes

Good Green Homes is well-presented for a homeowner to understand. Pithy quotes from the book include, “We can’t keep throwing things away – becuase there is no “away.””


Happy Earth Day! 5 FREE Things to You Can Do to Help

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day! Check out this blog post to learn 5 things you can do today to help planet Earth.

Get Green with Style

In this post, celebrating Earth Week, learn about how to contact us to speak at your conference or event or how to hire us for your upcoming sustainable home design or commercial design project!

Interview with Eco Remodeler Ira Singer – Part 1

In the next few blog entries, you’ll get to know Ira Singer of Mosaic Construction and what he is doing to bring eco-consciousness to his work and home life.

What Is Sustainable Design?

Sustainable design is another term for green design or eco-friendly design. Basically it means designing in such a way as to be able to continue doing it the same way indefinitely.

Who Am I?

Generally, I am conservative but this is mixed with a sense of adventure.

Why I Am An Eco-Friendly Interior Designer Part 3

New eco-friendly options are popping up every day, and green materials are improving by leaps and bounds.

Why I Am An Eco-Friendly Interior Designer Part 2

My designs tend to be somewhere between something Ed Begley would be proud of and “unique luxury.”

Why I Am An Eco-Friendly Interior Designer Part 1

This is Michelle Banks Watt, one of two authors of this blog. The next few posts will be about my backround and why I am an eco-friendly interior designer.