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Green Book Review – Green Home Improvement

What will a project cost? How much money will you save? These are the questions best answered by this book as opposed to other green remodeling books.


Green Book Review – Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies

Freed says, “An interior designer can often make the difference between a good project and a great project.”

Green Book Review – The Complete Idiot’s Guide

This book is a wonderful choice for you if you are looking to build a standard suburban home but want to do it with a little more of a conscience.

Green Book Review – Good Green Homes

Good Green Homes is well-presented for a homeowner to understand. Pithy quotes from the book include, “We can’t keep throwing things away – becuase there is no “away.””

Interview with Brenda Thompson of O Ecotextiles – Part 6

As we close out our final segment with Brenda, she shares other information that is important to people learning about going green.

Interview with Solar Energy Expert Joe Gordon – Part 2

Joe Gordon of Solar Service tells us about his green journey, “We also drive a Prius…, recycle every day, grow our own vegetables and use CFL’s wherever possible.”