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Green Book Review – Green Building Materials

Parts of this book would be interesting for a lay reader, however, it is really written with a technical bend towards teaching the professionals in the industry about specifying green materials


Interview with Tina Yagla – Part 2

“Recently we engaged in a neighborhood ‘compost’ pile and continue to be amazed at the amount of food- and yard- waste that we divert out of the landfills by composting.” – Tina Yagla

Interview with Tina Yagla – Part 1

“The firm is committed to providing our clients with quality engineering services that balance the needs of the end-user with the code requirements and best practices, while maintaining the predetermined budgetary parameters.” – Tina Yagla, P.E., LEED AP

NeoCon 2010

NeoCon World’s Trade Fair (June 14-16, 2010) is the event of all events for the international furniture market in the USA.

Interview with Brenda Thompson of O Ecotextiles Part 4

“This experience with my son’s reaction to latex, led me to question other chemicals that we were exposed to on a daily basis (paint, fabric, furniture, etc.) and how these materials impacted our health.” Brenda Thompson

Interview with Brenda Thompson of O Ecotextiles Part 3

“Being eco-conscious has also changed the food I eat. I’m a big supporter of organic food. Yes, it’s more expensive, but isn’t our health worth it?” – Brenda Thompson

Interview with Brenda Thompson of O Ecotextiles Part 2

“O Ecotextiles does not compromise on the quality of the fabric or the environment. They have tremendous respect from the design community and continue to research the latest technology in producing eco-friendly fabrics.” – Brenda Thompson

Get Green with Style

In this post, celebrating Earth Week, learn about how to contact us to speak at your conference or event or how to hire us for your upcoming sustainable home design or commercial design project!

Interview with Susan Olson, LEED AP – Part 2

We’re finishing our interview with Susan Olson, LEED AP, who is a sustainable flooring expert. She shares with us her personal and professional thoughts on going green.

Interview with Susan Olson, LEED AP – Part 1

Susan Olson of Sustainable Flooring Systems shares with us her background and why sustainable flooring is so important.