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Interview with Brenda Thompson of O Ecotextiles – Part 6

As we close out our final segment with Brenda, she shares other information that is important to people learning about going green.


Why I Am An Interior Designer

When people find out I’m an interior designer, they inevitably reply in one of two ways: “Oh! I would hate for you to see my house…” or “Your job must be so much fun!”.

Why Interior Desgin?

Interior design has often been solely about aesthetics (the way things look) in the past, but now we know our choices for interiors affect our health, our moods, and productivity.

Why I Am An Eco-Friendly Interior Designer Part 2

My designs tend to be somewhere between something Ed Begley would be proud of and “unique luxury.”

Why I Am An Eco-Friendly Interior Designer Part 1

This is Michelle Banks Watt, one of two authors of this blog. The next few posts will be about my backround and why I am an eco-friendly interior designer.