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Interview with Tina Yagla – Part 1

“The firm is committed to providing our clients with quality engineering services that balance the needs of the end-user with the code requirements and best practices, while maintaining the predetermined budgetary parameters.” – Tina Yagla, P.E., LEED AP


Green Book Review – Green Remodeling

This book is one of my favorites for green remodeling. It is filled with great analytical information yet it is easy to read and understand for someone who just wants some basic ideas and direction.

Green Book Review – The Complete Idiot’s Guide

This book is a wonderful choice for you if you are looking to build a standard suburban home but want to do it with a little more of a conscience.

Interview with Brenda Thompson of O Ecotextiles – Part 5

“In Germany, they recycle everything. You are only allowed one little trashcan per week and the lid has to close tight. This was a difficult task with having a baby in diapers at the time, but it’s definitely doable if you make it a priority.” Brenda Thompson

Interview with Brenda Thompson of O Ecotextiles Part 1

Learn about eco friendly textiles that are, “safe enough for an infant to chew on” from Brenda Thompson of O Ecotextiles.