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Green Book Review – Energy Independence

Fuel. We use it every day. Learn about the impact your fuel choices have on the future and on the earth right now and the people inhabiting this lovely planet.


Green Book Review – The New Solar Electric Home

This book is a bit of overkill for the person who is hiring someone else to do the work. However, if you are a do-it-yourselfer who enjoys complex challenges or if you are a contractor wanting to get in the photovoltaic business, than this book is exactly what you need.

Interview with Solar Energy Expert Joe Gordon – Part 1

Joe Gordon of Solar Service tells us about the impoartance of solar energy and various practical uses.

Definition and Product of the Week 03.27.2010

Each Saturday, we post a definition and a product of the week so that you can learn more about going green and what makes particular products green. This week, we define CARBON FOOTPRINT and the product of the week is ROCKY MOUNTAIN HARDWARE.