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Green Book Review – The New Solar Electric Home

This book is a bit of overkill for the person who is hiring someone else to do the work. However, if you are a do-it-yourselfer who enjoys complex challenges or if you are a contractor wanting to get in the photovoltaic business, than this book is exactly what you need.


Definition and Product of the Week 07.10.2010

Remains Lighting does not discharge waste into local water sources, they do reuse packaging and use sustainable packaging, they don’t use bottled water but instead use filtered tap water, they are a bicycle friendly company and encourage eco-friendly methods of transportation for their employees to get to work, they have composting onsite, and are overall a fabulously eco chic company.

Interview with Solar Energy Expert Joe Gordon – Part 3

Joe Gordon shares with us the impact of becoming more eco conscious, “I sat back once and calculated the amout of water I’m saving every year by doing this, and I came up with 750 gallons!”

Interview with Eco Remodeler Ira Singer – Part 3

Learn about eco-remodeler, Ira Singer’s expereinces in going green including remodeling his own home.

Interview with Eco Remodeler Ira Singer – Part 1

In the next few blog entries, you’ll get to know Ira Singer of Mosaic Construction and what he is doing to bring eco-consciousness to his work and home life.