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Definition and Product of the Week 09.11.2010

Instead of talking about a particular product, this week I want to educate you on eco friendly lighting. Lighting can be broken down into the fixture itself and the lamp (the lamp is really what we call the light bulb.)


Definition and Product of the Week 07.10.2010

Remains Lighting does not discharge waste into local water sources, they do reuse packaging and use sustainable packaging, they don’t use bottled water but instead use filtered tap water, they are a bicycle friendly company and encourage eco-friendly methods of transportation for their employees to get to work, they have composting onsite, and are overall a fabulously eco chic company.

Interview with Tabitha Long – Part 2

I have enjoyed working with you when we salvaged my clients doors, hardware, and trim. I understand that you rented them to a film studio and they were used in the movie “Nothing Like the Holidays.”

Interview with Tabitha Long – Part 1

“I have a strong desire to reuse and reinvent coupled with an almost snobbish requirement for all things unique. I like polished, clean lines, and the ability to tell a story.” – Tabitha Long

Definition and Product of the Week 06.19.2010

Each Saturday, we post a definition and a product of the week so that you can learn more about going green and what makes particular products green. This week, we’ll define PERMACULTURE and the product of the week is ISLAND GIRL SALVAGE.